The Sunday Salon: Printable Grocery and Shopping Lists

My family has never been one for planned, weekly trips to the grocery store, especially since the number of people in the house is pretty inconsistent, between my efforts to leave the nest and my father’s work as a pilot. This has meant, ever since I was old enough to drive and pick up groceries (so, like, four years ago), that putting together the grocery list has meant peeking around the kitchen before running errands. Over the last month, that’s been proving a very inefficient method (“How many tortilla chips can one pantry hold?” I asked myself), so I decided to print out a cute grocery list from online. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find one I liked. I just needed a list, nothing terribly fancy.

So I made my own. I thought I’d share, for anyone who wants some cute but minimalist printable grocery lists. (There’s also an alternate shopping list.)

Printable Grocery and Shopping Lists


I printed out about fifteen pages and put them in a clipboard I found lying around the house. I keep it next to the phone in the kitchen and add items as I notice they’re depleted. If you want to get particularly fancy and make tearaway notepads (which I might do in the future), here’s a tutorial on how to do that. The font used is Natalia Kasatkina’s Cherry Swash.


This week, I’ve managed to blast through most of my homework for Denver; I just have to read some selections from The Chicago Manual of Style. I bought my copy yesterday, thanks to a very well-timed gift card. I did finish the Bondathon this week, so hurray! I’m planning on watching Skyfall soon, to see it through my new lens. Its completion pales in comparison to my Star Trek and Saturday Night Live projects, though, so it doesn’t feel quite as epic as I thought it might. Book-wise, I’ve been frustratingly behind, but with my Denver homework out of the way, I should be able to muscle through a lot of books this upcoming week. I hope so. My time here is running out…

This week’s links:

Do you have any printables you consider essential? Please feel free to link them!

6 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Printable Grocery and Shopping Lists

  1. I’m behind on replying to comments, but the other day I really wanted to tell you that I completely share your fears about Fangirl. I have an ARC and plan to read it very soon, so we’ll see whether this is a case of awful and misleading jacket copy or whether the story really goes there.


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