The Sunday Salon: The Hobbit 2 Trailer #1

While I found The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey to be a mixed bag, I, nonetheless, dropped everything and ran to my laptop a little before 1 PM this past Tuesday. There’s always something about your first fandom, isn’t there? (Sit down, Digimon, you don’t count.) Plus, it’s the summer for television, I’m almost done with the Bondathon in real time, and I’m lying in painful wait for a copy of Star Trek: The Voyage Home to come in at the library, so I’m a little starved for content at the moment. And so, like everyone else on the Internet, I offer up my traditional frame-by-frame analysis. Hit it.

  • 0:09: Dramatic Thranduil monologue… Pace’s English accent feels a little thin to me.
  • 0:18: The underground palace of Mirkwood. Love the use of stone columns to mimic what we see done with the trees in Lothlorien.
  • 0:20: That reminds me, I need to get cracking on my Thranduil costume.
  • 0:24: Barrels out of Bonds!
  • 0:26: Butterflies! Aw, what a fun, delightful kid’s movie—
  • 0:33: Mirkwood looked so psydelic in the production videos. I’m glad it looks properly dark and spooky here.
  • 0:36: I can’t tell if Legolas is CGI in this brief transition.
  • 0:39: “Do not think that I age.” Hey, Orlando Bloom.
  • 0:40: Beorn’s house! That is presumably Beorn, right? They’ve been keeping terribly mum about him.
  • 0:42: We have all been worried about Tauriel. But I like her, and I like that she is the only elf who seems to question the fact why everything is AWFUL IN MIRKWOOD ALL THE TIME.
  • 0:45: Dale!
  • 0:46: Hey, Legolas, did your mom braid that padawan braid or what?
  • 0:47: This shot, more than anything else in the trailer, reminds me of the original films; all tactile and good design. Also, Tauriel points out that it is kind of their responsibility to clean Mirkwood. I love you, Tauriel.
  • 0:53: Can I appoint Sylvester McCoy and Ian McKellen my grandfathers? Please?
  • 0:58: Oh, Ian McKellen, you are perfect. PERFECT.
  • 1:02: More Mirkwood. Love the use of roots here, as the elves are still connected to the trees. Nice light quality, too.
  • 1:05: Legolas—with his trademark double daggers and fishtail braid—stomps off to go investigate, direcrted by another member of the guard, I suppose.
  • 1:10: Oh man, I totally repressed the white orc. BOO. BOOO.
  • 1:18: Bard!
  • 1:26: Getting attacked by Thorin’s dad… wait, is this a flashback? Are we flashing back to it in THIS film? When the information was pertinent last… oh, Hobbit trilogy. Shh. Shh. It’s going to be okay.
  • 1:27: Man, Tauriel, I bet your kids with Lindir are going to be just as awesome as you are.
  • 1:38: Ken Stott is perfection. It’s stuff like this that makes these films have heart.
  • 1:50: And a shot of Smaug in dim lighting. I know they had Cumberbatch do some motion capture for Smaug’s face, but I think I may be imagining the likeness…

This week… well, I’ve been using my mornings to work on book blogging and my afternoons to work on my homework for my publishing program, so I’ve been feeling very productive. I might even be done with the homework next week, allowing me to get to the true purpose of my vacation: watching Star Trek in my fuzzy houserobe and weeping “They’re friends” into my bowl of strawberries. (Moshe Kacher has a joke about discovering he hit menopause while crying over Star Trek: The Next Generation. I’m living that joke.) Bookwise, I’m making some progress—I read The Time Traveler’s Guide to Elizabethan England this week, as well as Gotham Central: In the Line of Duty. And, as I mentioned, I’m almost done with the Bondathon in real time. On the blog, we’ll end around December. God bless scheduled posts.

This week’s links:

What do you make of the new trailer?

8 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: The Hobbit 2 Trailer #1

  1. Again….like Hobbit #1 it looks rather flat. It just goes to show that when you put your whole heart, soul, effort and energy into something, you get the Lord of the Rings films. Of course they were made to make money…but The Hobbit looks to have been made to make money exclusively. The first film was a bore fest, and little of the original book remained. Peter Jackson and co should be ashamed of themselves for inflicting such a poorly made film on us. Banging the drums in the trailer does not create thrills. Is he going to remake Little Women, Les Miserables or the Godfather next? He should leave well alone. Heavenly Creatures was wonderful, the Frighteners was good, Rings….awesome. That’s his level. He should film at that level or not bother.

    • Well, every filmmaker evolves. I think there’s a pattern of directors aging into parenthood and wanting to make stuff that’s more child-friendly—see Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom for a film that tries to be family-friendly and an Indy movie. A lot of the most interesting creativity comes from the fringes, from people using all their scant resources to realize their vision. But once they have nearly unlimited resources, things can go a little pear-shaped.

  2. Your comment about Downey Jr. made me remember a time when my friend Trish was trying to give me directions somewhere and she stopped suddenly and said, “You’re doing that thing you do where you nod and agree with me and then do exactly what you were going to do to begin with, aren’t you?”
    And I said, “Yes.”

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