The Literary Horizon: Gossamer Axe


Gossamer Axe by Gael Baudino


A doorway between worlds opened, releasing Christa, her harp–and her quest. Imprisoned for centuries, she had escaped from the faery Sidh and the musician Orfide, weavers of spells and schemes. But the doorway had shut too quickly, leaving her lover behind in the endless captivity of a timeless world.

Now, in contemporary Denver, Christa discovers the way to her loved one’s freedom –stunning and powerful electric music that can break down the walls of time. So this Celtic maiden turns rocker, her harp transfigures into an electric guitar, and her newly formed band of heavy metal warriors, called Gossamer Axe, becomes her most effective weapon. Equipped to take on Sidh and Orfide, her dangerous odyssey through a rock world of evil drugs and sex begins–with Christa and her all-girl band on the ultimate road tour to faraway realms!

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I got this recommendation from the comment thread to Liz Bourke’s post, “Sleeps With Monsters: Lesbian SFF Romance“. I mean, c’mon, a lesbian rock and roll fantasy novel written in 1990, which might as well just be called the last gasp of the eighties? Sometimes the universe just makes stuff for you. (Like Rock of Ages.) But imagine my surprise when I realize the universe has been even more giving, because my friend Elle found a copy and purchased it based on the hilarious cover alone. It is literally less than a mile away from me right now. I think I might have to grab it soon…

Tané Tachyon at Tachylon Labs enjoyed it, especially Baudino’s mastery of musical terminology and incorporating it into the writing. The Book Whisperer at Reading Out Loud! liked it, although there’s some iffiness about Christa’s sexual encounters. Cat Eldridge at Green Man Review enjoyed its musical authenticity, but hated that Baudino’s Denver is incredibly generic. Mel at GLBT Fantasy Fiction Resources found it enjoyable and empowering, although dated and featuring a too-perfect protagonist.

Gossamer Axe was published in 1990. It is out-of-print.

2 thoughts on “The Literary Horizon: Gossamer Axe

  1. I own this book! I read it in high school. I mostly remember that it was queer, got the music words right, and was reeeeeealy weird about Catholicism. I still liked it, but it is definitely a strange book.

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