Booking Through Thursday: April Fools


What’s the silliest (most foolish?) book you’ve ever read? Did you enjoy it?

I’ll stick with silly—I think the definition “exhibiting or indicative of a lack of common sense or sound judgment” will serve us quite well here. I know I tease The Song of the Lioness a lot, but that’s not because it’s silly in that way—that’s because it’s so utterly earnest, like all the best camp is.

In any case, if I had a nickel for every book with crippled worldbuilding or just a bizarre handle on how humans conduct themselves, I would be loaded. I have several contenders for top dog: Green, for instance, gets weird at the end, but the first third is so good that it must be eliminated from this list. But I think the absolutely silliest is Sarah Jane Stratford’s The Midnight Guardianwhich manages to take the delightfully bloodthirsty, Inglourious Basterds-esque “vampires versus Nazis” premise into silly territory by making the vampires heroic matyrs and her protagonist into someone who can do no wrong (also known as someone that’s not terribly interesting to read about). I can’t even. 


6 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday: April Fools

  1. I read the Song of the Lioness once through in a rush, because they were only borrowed (I’m gonna purchase my own this Christmas and re-read them next year 😉 ), and I loved them pretty much. Although, if you say it like this, the straightforward earnesty in it sure is something to tease lovingly — but they sure are not silly or ridiculous in any way.
    My BTT

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