Booking Through Thursday: Libraries


How often do you visit a library? Do you go to borrow books? Do research? Check out the multi-media center? Hang out with the friendly and knowledgeable staff? Are you there out of love or out of need?


I am beyond biased towards libraries; I’ve been volunteering at the public library in my home town since high school, I’ve done an internship at my college library, and if the whole publishing thing doesn’t pan out, I plan on getting my Master’s in library science. Libraries are not only the people’s university (a phrase I love), but they’re also important community centers. I love exploring libraries in different towns because you can really get a look at the community there.

So, yeah, I’m always there, borrowing books constantly, reading magazines, doing work, using Windows, and making friends with librarians. They’re fantastic, unique spaces that are open to everyone; they’re perfect. I’m there out of need, love, and want.

14 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday: Libraries

  1. Hurray for libraries! I visit my local branch almost every day for books, DVDs, CDs, research and conversation. Additionally, I go to the main branch about once a week. They are fantastic community centres. My writing group meets in a free conference room provided by the library. Last week, I went to a free event to learn about publishing and got to meet plenty of other authors. I’m leaving a bequest to my library in my will…that’s how much I love it.

  2. I used to be a complete library nerd, to the extent of working for a year in an academic library as a trainee (which totally put me off a professional career in library science), but then I moved to London and somehow I never have set foot inside a library since. I buy all the books I read nowadays (or borrow them from my husband or family). It’s not as if our local library is that far away, either, and I should make an effort to use it, given that so many councils are trying to shut them down.

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