Booking Through Thursday: Resolved


Any reading resolutions for the new year? Reading more? (Reading less?) Reading better books? Bigger books? More series? More relaxing books?

And hey, feel free to talk about any other resolutions you might have, too … or why you choose NOT to have any.

I don’t have any specific reading resolutions—I’m quite satisfied with my current mix of fiction and nonfiction and I’ll continue on my exploration of the last sixty years in pop culture, so I don’t see anything I need to commit myself to. In fact, I don’t really have New Year’s resolutions this year; as I’ll be graduating college and seeking work, I want to focus on that.

Well, okay, I lied a little—I do have two small New Year’s resolutions. The first is to comment more and get involved with conversations more online, by including it as part of my correspondence that I take care of once a week. And while I’ve not been able to give my attention to it over the past few weeks because of the holidays (so busy!), I want to make Graffiti Reviews the best it can be in 2013—feel free to submit, cats and kittens!

10 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday: Resolved

  1. Commenting more is my resolution too! I’m not quantifying it in any way because I don’t want to jinx myself with specific goals. But yeah, it would be great if I could find time to do more commenting.

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