Booking Through Thursday: Records


Do you keep a list of the books you’ve read? How? In a journal? Through one of the online services? If so, WHY? To keep good records for future reference? To make sure you don’t accidentally reread? If not, why not? Too eager to move on to the next book? Too lazy? Never thought to bother?

What do you think this blog is for? This is my digital reading journal!

I also keep track via Goodreads, because I like being able to sort my reads by date or author with one click, and with a physical reading journal I’ve been keeping since high school. That journal is simply the titles and authors written down; its main purpose is so that I can satisfyingly cross out book titles in black ink. They’re supplements to this blog.

So asking me why I keep good records is really asking me why I blog about books. It’s so I can keep track of what I’ve read, as my memory is atrocious, so I can sharpen my critical teeth by sitting back and examining what worked and didn’t work (incredibly satisfying work!), so I can record my reading of a book at a certain point in time, and so I can reach out to others about books. It’s hard to recommend a book when all you remember is the color of the cover. (Although, as a library volunteer, I am awesome at figuring out book titles based on the slimmest of descriptions. I have a very specific skill set.)

16 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday: Records

  1. We keep records for many of the same reasons! I’ve only recently started keeping up with Goodreads — you brought out some good reasons for using it that I hadn’t thought of.

    • Well, when I was eighteen, I started my giant spreadsheet of books to read—started over fresh, as it were. So at the time, it was only books I wanted to read, and the books that are crossed out are the ones I’ve completed.

  2. Your skill set is specific but also pretty awesome when on display. Right? Like, it’s not exciting to describe, but it creates awe in other people when you have occasion to use it. At least that is what I have found when I track books down based on slim descriptions (rarely! it’s not my skill set, it has just happened occasionally by chance because I happened to have the book in question in my working memory for one reason or another).

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