Booking Through Thursday: Burn

If your house was burning down and you could save just one book from your collection … what would it be?

(And, for the purposes of this discussion, we’ll allow series to count as “one” long, multi-volume book.)

And Booking Through Thursday returns! I missed it last week.

I’m quite torn. On the one hand, my regular library. On the other hand, my collection of out-of-print American editions of The Lord of the Rings, which will probably go up like nothing else, and I can’t take the whole thing. Hmm. I’ll file that under collectibles and somehow manage to save it.

So! One book from my regular library! It’s a bit cluttered at the moment, as my mother likes to stack things on my bookshelf, but  if I had to grab one book, I think I’d grab my autographed copy of There and Back Again by Sean Astin. Not only did I buy the book from a now defunct Walden Books that I quite liked (being the only bookstore in the mall whenever my mom was shopping), but I also got it signed at one of my first Dragon*Cons, and Astin was an absolute dear to petrified little me. It’s a very particular object to my history. So are a lot of other books in my collection, of course, like my signed copy of Anansi Boys and the books I bought during my trip to Ireland, but that’s the one that goes the furthest back.

So I guess I’d grab that one.

8 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday: Burn

  1. Oh man. That’s way hard. I guess I would get — aaaaaa, I don’t know. I’d save my copy of Greensleeves, but I would find it quite wrenching to leave behind my nice copy of the Browning letters. Neither of those is very easily replaceable, but at least the first volume of the Browning letters is available online.

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