Booking Through Thursday: Discuss!

Do you like to talk about what you read? Do you have somebody to talk WITH?

…yes. Hence the blog.

Okay, all flippancy aside, yes, I do. I have a pretty awful memory, and I started this book blog to keep track of what I read and how I felt about it, partially because I don’t really have anyone in real life to consistently talk books with. Oh, I’ll occasionally catch someone reading what I’m reading—my academic advisor is reading The Flight of Gemma Hardy, which I finished the other day—but for the most part, not so much. I belonged to a book club in high school, which I enjoyed (I think there’s one or two reviews from the very end of high school on here, like The Interview with the Vampire), but my reading is half pleasure-reading and half-research at any given moment, so it’s impossible for someone to be reading everything I read.

But with a blog, people who have read what I’ve read or have any passing interest in what I’ve read can comment on its review and get a discussion going—even people I know in real life. The answer to this question isn’t yes or no; it’s book blogging. Even if you have someone to talk every one of your reads over in real life, it’s nice to get other perspectives.

14 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday: Discuss!

  1. I am fortunate enough to meet with a group of like minded friends, all fellow writers and/or artists, every Wednesday night so book discussion is a given. But of course I still blog about almost everything I read, so there ya go.

  2. I only started blogging to have a record of what I was reading, but it’s been great to have tons of people to talk about books with. It’s especially good when the blogging community sort of adopts a book — you know when that happens, and all of a sudden everyone is reading something even when it’s not necessarily a new popular book. I love that phenomenon.

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