The Sunday Salon: The Hobbit Trilogy and The Hobbit Production Video #8

So The Hobbit is going to be a trilogy. My immediate screams of joy have started to die down, although I can’t forget that guys there’s going to be three Hobbit movies YOU CAN GO HOME AGAIN oh my God oh my God oh my God. There’s been plenty of deservedly mixed reactions to this across the web, but personally? I trust Peter Jackson, because let’s be honest, his The Lord of the Rings films changed my life. And the sheer amount of effort involved in just beginning to crafting three films out of what they have already is kind of mind-blowing and seems like too much trouble for a simple cashgrab. That article does make much of the fact that there’s no script for the third film, but I think that Jackson and company looked at the footage they had and realized that a third film might allow them more breathing room. I don’t really have anything else to say on the matter, except that I sincerely doubt we’ll be getting Extended Editions of the new trilogy. The new trilogy! Oh my God!

Anyway, before that hit the airwaves… Internet waves?… the big The Hobbit news was the latest production video, which was the last during principal photography, although I think we might see these guys again when they come back for pick-ups…

  • 00:34: Cliff from TheOneRing.Net is the gent in the hat! He’s a very nice man, I met him at Dragon*Con last year when we talked a friend of mine into entering a costume contest.
  • 1:12: That woman has a boggling amount of buttons. Goodness.1:13: Oh, Freeman watching on proudly and Wood freaking out a little is such a beautiful image.
  • 1:20: Stone giants! I haven’t read The Hobbit in a good long while, so I forgot stone giants were involved, but I like the fact that Jackson has decided to commit to one look. It’s a spot of controversy, as some fans picture them differently. Perhaps I should reread The Hobbitvia audiobook before the films come out, to preserve my interpretation!
  • 2:14: Not gonna lie, teared up a little at the greeting from Comic-Con. LOVE YOU BACK, CON-GOERS.
  • 2:28: Thorin leads dwarves into battle.
  • 2:33: Speculation abounds that this is in fact Thorin’s tomb.
  • 3:14: ADORABLE.
  • 3:23: Who is this woman of mystery? A linguist? Crew? A LADY DWARF? (I’m all about the lady dwarves. It dates back to Warcraft II, when I realized there were no female units and curiosity about what lady orcs looked like ate me up inside.)
  • 3:49: Bifur is gearing up to be my favorite. Well, they’re dwarves, I love them all, but hat and dodgy behavior is solid gold.
  • 4:22: Queen Cate! Man, she’s perfect.
  • 4:27: Unfortunately, we don’t get a shot of Lee Pace in costume, so I think this is a good time to bring up the fact he has hostage face in his Breaking Dawn Part 2 poster.
  • 4:34: Tauriel, warrior average Jane! Well, so speculation thinks. I like the idea that the Mirkwood elves are a little more ninja-esque than your elegant high elves, and one of her back-up warriors, whose gender I can’t discern from here, is dressed pretty much just like her, although I have to wonder at people who thought Tauriel might turn out to be a sexy warrior in Jackson’s hands. Jackson tried with Arwen, it didn’t work, so he scaled it back, I don’t think he’ll try it twice.
  • 4:36: Dwarves in armor!
  • 4:40: Bloom and Pace rehearse movement together. Either they’re trying to make father and son move in a similar fashion (although I think Bloom and Pace look like each other), or this is movement for the Battle of the Five Armies?
  • 4:51: I don’t know if I can deal with McCoy slapping people with spoons and generally being a delight. We witnessed him at Dragon*Con last year, too, and he’s representing The Hobbit (and Doctor Who, obviously!) at con this year.
  • 5:15: Gosh, the new sets look amazing. I love the little astrological equipment.
  • 5:24: Not how I pictured Dale at all, and some speculate that this is Dale pre-burnination. But, again, I love commitment to interesting choices, and this is definitely one.
  • 6:16: Keeping the intestines fresh.
  • 6:34: “I’m gonna write the theme tune, sing the theme tune…” Martin Freeman: actual hobbit.
  • 7:20: Andy Serkis can play saxophone? Truly a modern Renassance man.
  • 7:33: Random dwarves we don’t know, inspecting jewelry! The one on the right looks like Obelix.
  • 7:40: Oh man, seeing Bloom with blue eyes in new footage is kind of mind-blowing.
  • 8:05: Where can I get a “Andy’s Flying Serkis” t-shirt?
  • 9:22: Fili and Kili in different costumes?
  • 9:41: I love the fact that they used up all the gold paint in Australasia. DO IT TO WIN, BROTHER.
  • 10:02: Some Elvish workers in Mirkwood. Question: if everybody is so brunette, why is Legolas blonde? WILL THERE BE AN EXPLANATION? IS THE QUEEN OF MIRKWOOD A BLONDE?
  • 10:21: The addition to Rivendell is gorgeous. I love the lights.
  • 10:23: Lee is touching up the mural from Fellowship of the Ring.
  • 10:26: Gollum’s boat.
  • 11:32: A Mirkwood elf maiden kisses a goblin.
  • 12:41: Radagast and Gandalf briefly converse.

I voted for the first time this week, and I think I’ve caught the LEGO bug. Lord preserve me. After not picking up Under Heaven for what felt like ages, I powered through it this weekend, and I think I’ll pick up Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy next.

Tor/Forge is giving away a Cory Doctorow bundle until September 4. The Baen Free Library is full of free downloads, including The Shadow of the Lion and On Basilisk Station. Night Shade Books is offering Butcher Bird and Grey as free downloads at the moment. Vertigo Comics is offering free downloads of the first issue of several series, including Fables, The Unwritten, and Y: The Last Man. (And you will go download The Unwritten.) Small Beer Press offers several of their books as free downloads, including Kelly Link’s Magic for Beginners. If I’ve missed your giveaway or freebie, drop me a line!

What do you make of the trilogy announcement and the latest production video?

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