Booking Through Thursday: First Teacher

Who taught you to read?

I actually don’t remember learning to read. This is more a function of my incredible ability to forget things than being some sort of reading prodigy. As far as my memory goes, I’ve always been able to read and write, so it freaks me out when I hang out with small children who can talk to me more or less articulately for their age group, but can’t read or write. However, it was, most likely, a combined effort of my mother and my brother. My mother read to me as a child, and my only memory of being taught to read is my brother trying to make me read one line in a biography of Abraham Lincoln, but I misunderstand where he’s pointing and read the line ahead.

4 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday: First Teacher

  1. I did.

    The way the story goes is that I was three years old and I would always ask my Mom and my Aunt to read the paper to me when they were hanging out. One day, I say I’m going to read to them and I read a story out of the paper. It sounds like a real news story and they’re both impressed. Then my Aunt looked at the paper a while later and said, “Len didn’t make that story up. He actually read it.”

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