Booking Through Thursday: DIY

If you could write a book, what would it be about, and why? (Though, of course, some of you already HAVE.)

 Well, I’ve only got a first draft of a manuscript and a half, which I’d like to finish up this summer. (The half first draft, not both manuscripts up to par, obviously!) I haven’t written a lot this spring, but I hope to rectify that situation once I’m probably settled for the summer. But the thing is, I’m kind of paranoid, so I don’t like talking specifics about my manuscripts, beyond vague tweets about certain situations, such as side characters demanding more attention and protagonists doing silly things. (This one time, my heroine escaped me on a boat! That draft stopped right there. I need to reboot that one…) So here’s a vague sampling of stuff sprinkled all through my writing—ghosts, comedians, androids, cannibalism, glam rock, bad jokes, meritocracies, near-future sci-fi, far -future sci-fi, multicultural fantasy, contemporary, willfully anachronistic historical, and pregnant women.

And why? Well, because the stories keep coming and I need to make some room for the new ones. Essentially, because I can’t not.

14 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday: DIY

  1. I’m exactly the same and don’t like sharing details of what I’m writing. Plus I read in a writing book that if you talk about your story, then you get it out, and then you won’t want to write about it. Apparently the writing part should be how you get your story out of yourself, but if you tell it, then you won’t want to write anymore. That and I don’t want anyone to steal my (what I think are) good ideas!

  2. I wouldn’t want to say too much about my ideas, either, til the book is out. It would be interesting to see how all those elements come together in your book!

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