Booking Through Thursday: Changes

Has a book ever inspired you to change anything in your life, fiction or non-fiction alike?

Oh, yes. Books constantly inspire me to be a better person and pursue my goals in an efficient way. Immediately rising to the top of the heap at the moment are Natalie Angier’s Woman, which really made me rethink aging in a female body and actually embrace it, and This Book is Overdue!, which made me seriously consider librarianship, to the point that if I attend grad school at all, it’ll be for library science. But every book inspires me in small ways, whether to be a better person or just never to write like that.

12 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday: Changes

  1. For sure; Carl Sagan’s Contact, Billions and Billions, and The Varieties of Scientific Experience all changed my life. So has practically everything I’ve read from Kim Stanley Robinson, Takuan Soho,… where do you stop! Great short post to get you thinking!

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