Booking Through Thursday: Category

Of the books you own, what’s the biggest category/genre?

Is this also the category that you actually read the most?

Checking my library catalog from home, it’s fantasy, with supernatural fiction running a close second. (Surprise, surprise.) And yeah, it’s the category I read the most—or, at least, I want to read the most. I have a rule; I can’t read the same genre twice in a row, which forces me to go further afield from my beloved fantasy genre and, I think, makes me a better (or at least wider) reader.

18 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday: Category

  1. I share your rule, Clare. I’ll even apply it to authors, so reading Stephen King or Greg Rucka twice in a row isn’t going to happen, at least not with me.

    I do this because i don’t want to get burned out on things that I actually enjoy. Usually, I have a great deal of epic fantasy books, followed by urban fantasy, then modern or near-future science fiction. What I’d like to read is modern or near-future science fiction, but there’s barely any support for that with the passing of Crichton. Guess I need to go fill the void.

  2. well, it’s not a rule precisely, but unless i am in the middle of a great series i usually do the same about swapping around genres. Just checked my Librarything and Non-fiction wins, closely followed by Sci-fi and Fantasy. i so would not have guessed that!

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