Booking Through Thursday: Vacation

I’m on vacation this week. I didn’t go anywhere exciting or exotic, I’m just not at work. Spending time puttering around the house, playing with the dog and … oh yeah. Reading. A lot.

Do your reading habits change when you’re on vacation? Do you read more? Do you indulge in lighter, fluffier books than you usually read? Do you save up special books so you’ll be able to spend real vacation time with them? Or do you just read the same old stuff, vacation or not?

My reading doesn’t really change, to be totally honest; I might pick up some literally lighter books to put in my backpack, but for the most part, I continue with whatever I’m reading. The last time I traveled (for family, not for fun) I just took Ivanhoe along, which certainly filled the time.

Of course, now that I have a Kindle app on my phone, I have more selection with less weight. I think it’ll be my primary mode of reading while I’m in Ireland over the holidays, as books will weigh me down.

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