The Sunday Salon: Behind the Scenes of The Hobbit

Initially, I was going to post something about the trailer for the new The Three Musketeers—y’all know how I love my campy Dumas film adaptations—which was actually already bumped back from a week ago. But it has to be bumped back again, because I am randomly shouting in joy. Why, you might ask? Peter Jackson released a ten minute video of behind the scenes footage from The Hobbit on Thursday, and I cannot contain my joy. So, I present an incredibly unprofessional shot-by-shot analysis below the cut; no screencaps, just timestamps.

  • 00:15 — This is where I lost it. Bag End looks exactly the same!
  • 00:33 — “The next two or three years.” Extended Editions for sure.
  • 00:41 — For some reason, on watching this for the first time, I confused Ngila Dickson and Howard Shore and got a little teary that Shore wouldn’t be back. He, um, is.
  • 00:46 — A dwarven bow, I think—you can tell because of the geometric-based design. I’m excited that The Hobbit will go more in-depth into dwarves; elves are cool, but dwarves are awesome.
  • 01:10 — There is no Jackson Tolkien adaptation without one guy in a wildly uncomfortable but awesome body suit. Looks like one of the trolls to me, from what I remember of their brief cameo in The Fellowship of the Ring.
  • 01:14 — Rehearsing for the barrel scene. Heh.
  • 01:21 — Sting! All shiny and new for Bilbo to discover and name.
  • 01:29 — Alan Lee and John Howe duck out awkwardly, probably because they know I’m going to stop and start this over and over again to peer at their concept work.
  • 01:52 — …I miss Ngila.
  • 2:00 — A shot of Dori’s costume.
  • 2:12 — I groaned in frustration to find the costume designs blurred out. But we can still glean some information!
  • 2:15 — You see a bit of a Kili costume concept next to Jackson’s head…
  • 2:16 — This is, to the best of my estimation, Mark Hadlow as Dori. I’m liking the braids, and all the jewelry is glorious.
  • 02:23 — There are two gown designs next to the woman on the left’s head; due to the height, I think these are for Galadriel. Blanchett will look radiant in gold.
  • 02:29 — Rivendell! Lost it here, too. Gave me chills.
  • 03:11 — I never realized Narsil was directly above Elrond’s chambers, and not for space-saving measures. Fascinating!
  • 03:30 — Jackson is feeling just as nostalgic as we are. Awww.
  • 03:50 — And here’s where I stopped pressing my hand to my heart and started shouting. Quietly, but still, shouts of joy.
  • 04:06 — Jackson admonishes us not to spoil a scene that pops up in The Fellowship of the Ring. (Question: do you think Jackson will pull a Lucas and insert Freeman into The Fellowship of the Ring in its definitive release with the blooper reel?)
  • 04:27 — I think this is a troll skull. Nice decoration.
  • 04:42 — MARTIN FREEMAN IS IN BAG END! I REPEAT, MARTIN FREEMAN IS IN BAG END! (The shouting went to normal volume here.)
  • 5:00 — Blocking, but, more importantly, Freeman is blocking as Bilbo.
  • 5:17 — Blocking dwarves messing up pristine Bag End. Not crying, but kind of shaking here.
  • 5:27 — Martin Freeman’s Bilbo is both exactly as I expected it and beyond my wildest dreams.
  • 5:47 — Ian McKellan joins everyone at the table. Oh, Ian!
  • 5:57 — This cast! Nothing will ever live up to the cast of The Lord of the Rings, but they seem so happy and in great harmony.
  • 6:06 — Can Ian McKellan just adopt me or something?
  • 6:47 — I had no idea he was going to show us any of this, so I flipped.
  • 6:56 — Andy Serkis, the greatest sport on the planet.
  • 7:06 — A traditional Powhiri welcoming ceremony. (I will admit, Richard Attenborough looks like Hugh Jackman from far off.) I won’t go timestamp by timestamp on this whole ceremony and the speeches, but it’s very touching, especially given the history between New Zealand and The Lord of the Rings.
  • 10:13 — But it’s not over yet! Look, Freeman picking up the Ring!
  • 10:17 — And I don’t know who is doing this voice over. Some people are thinking it’s Freeman himself, which I at first didn’t buy—but if he’s consciously trying to extrapolate from Ian Holm’s Bilbo, the voice sounds right.

In conclusion, ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod.

I really cannot believe I’m coming to the end of my sophomore year of college. So I’ll ignore it while continuing to write papers! This week, I got through Harry, a History and The Misfits, and started on The Name of the Wind. Kiss that nice posting buffer goodbye, I guess…

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What do y’all make of the video?

3 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Behind the Scenes of The Hobbit

  1. One of the people that I play LotR Online with was an exchange student in NZ last year and she got to go out to the Shire set and walk around. Jealous. I am Jealous. Of course three of the other people in my Kinship are kiwis, so it’s all NZ all the time in game.
    And just when I was getting used to Freeman as Watson, now he’s Bilbo. Great to see all this stuff though.

  2. Excellent moment at 6.15
    “We can stick a fan up your robe for air conditioning”… to which Gandalf responds: “Promises, promises”… 😀 hehe.
    I loved this video! Thank you for posting it – now I’m really excited to see the finished result too ;D

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