Release: Cautionary Tales

Cautionary Tales
edited by Clare McBride

Cautionary Tales collects the original folk tales behind the Disney animated features in their most enduring forms, from Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid” (adapted in 1989) to Charles Perrault’s “Cinderella” (adapted in 1950) to the Brothers Grimm’s rendition of “Rapunzel” (adapted in 2010 into Tangled). Each folk tale has a particular message, whether it’s a gentle jab at gender relations in “The Ballad of Mulan” or teaching young girls how to cope with arranged marriages in “Beauty and the Beast”—in the end, they’re all cautionary tales.

…Yeah, I thought the Dragon*Con anthology was going to be my first anthology. Go figure! This idea grabbed me in February and wouldn’t let go, leaving me to spend a couple of weeks compiling and then learning how to create ebooks. It’s certainly been a learning experience! I’m actually really glad that this is my first digital anthology; it means the Dragon*Con anthology will be a lot easier to put together. Since tomorrow is my birthday, this is my birthday gift to you—I hope you like it!


7 thoughts on “Release: Cautionary Tales

  1. Grats on your first anthology and Happy Birthday!

    As to your other anthology, I was at the first Dragon Con. The first several, in fact, but I can’t recall anything terribly interesting to relate.

  2. It’s interesting to see how the wording of these tales is different to the versions one knew as a child, and yet how similar they are. Your e-book is beautifully put together – I look forward to reading the rest of the stories.

  3. I love it!! I already contributed for your D*C anthology, and now that I’ve seen this first one, I can’t wait to see the other! I did my senior thesis on the evolution of Grimms’ Fairy Tales, using Disney films as the final evolution of several, so this project of yours strikes home for me. You did beautifully!

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