Booking Through Thursday: Visual

So … the books that you own (however many there may be) … do you display them proudly right there in plain sight for all the world to see? (At least the world that comes into your living room.)
Or do you keep them tucked away in your office or bedroom or library or closet or someplace less “public?”

Well, I don’t own a home yet, so the only spaces I have control over are my bedroom at home and my dorm room here—but my books are displayed proudly in both, fiction arranged alphabetically and nonfiction arranged by Dewey Decimal System. (I’m essentially a proto-librarian.)

But when I do have a space of my own, I will have my own library in my office. (It’s important to define a work space!) But books are a huge part of my life; just talk to me for five minutes! While I’ll probably kept the bulk of my library in my office, my The Lord of the Rings collection will probably be displayed in my living room. So my love of books will be “public”, since it’s wildly public already—you can’t hide this kind of bibliophilia.

10 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday: Visual

  1. I’m always amazed when people say they alphabetize their shelves. But I’m floored you went the extra mile and used the Dewey Decimal System. I’m just happy when my books stay on the shelves.

  2. My books aren’t alphabetical but they are organized. Non fiction by category. History. Literary studies. Biographies. Forensics. Etc. Fiction is by genre and authors by how much I like them. Favorites on most accessible shelves. Expensive and or collectible books are out of cat reach…

  3. It’s comforting to know I’m not the only crazy-book-organizer out there. My books are arranged the same way. I even have a “library catalog” on my computer 🙂

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