Booking Through Thursday: Disappointment

Name a book or author that you truly wanted to love but left you disappointed. (And, of course, explain why.)

My God, there’s so many!

Well, books first, I guess. I quite wanted to enjoy Robin McKinley’s Beauty, because I enjoyed Sunshine so much, but it fell absolutely flat for me. All the praise for Maus made me want to read it and enjoy it, but the main conceit ruined it for me. I even wanted to like The Historian, my go-to example of a bloated novel where the author is showing off research more than story.

As far as authors go, Gregory Maguire sprung to mind. I love him for Wicked and Son of a Witch, but his other works are just terrible. I have no idea what happened there. And I don’t recall ever wanting to love Kurt Vonnegut, but reading Slaughterhouse-Five in high school has put me off him forever.

Basically, whenever a book fails me, I’m disappointed. In a perfect universe, every book I read would be good. (Also, there would be less romance in YA books with female heroines.) But sometimes that disappointment makes for writing fun reviews, and it’s also instructional–a big “DON’T DO THIS” sign for writers. No matter how disappointed you are, it’s still useful. (I still won’t shut up about The Historian!)

10 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday: Disappointment

  1. You are SO right. For Gregory Maguire, I have the one about the stepsisters and another one and I picked them up a long time ago and never finished them. I WILL finish them someday and review them, but today is not that day. 🙂

    Here is my Booking Through Thursday.

  2. I started The Historian, but I never finished it. I got really into the “folklore” so to speak, but I couldn’t seem to love it like I expected. But I must say that I love Kurt Vonnegut and I have completely different feelings about Slaughterhouse-Five.

  3. I wanted to like The Historian too, and I enjoyed it in the sense that I was in London for a month and I hardly packed any books and that was fine during the day but before I went to bed I really wanted something to read and my roommate had bought The Historian so that’s what I read…but as an actual book, compared to other books, blech, it was disappointing.

  4. Oh Gosh I loved Slaughter house Five but I love true crime/serial killer novels and the gore doesn’t bother me! I would like to read Robin Mc Kinley The Outlaws of Sherwood looks like a good read!

    • Oh, it’s not the gore- I’m horrifically squeamish with visual gore, but not with textual gore. It’s the waste of a science fiction plot that doesn’t do anything lofty with it and the attitude towards the female characters. It feels like it’s trying too hard.

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