Book Blogger Appreciation Week 2010

I have to admit, I’m a bit tentative about registering for Book Blogger Appreciation Week–it feels a bit presumptuous on my part. But the website says, very firmly, that you’re simply registering yourself as a blog in a certain category, and then, a lot of fellow book bloggers are doing it. So why not?

The Literary Omnivore is what Book Blogger Appreciation Week terms an eclectic book blog, in that I don’t specialize in any one genre and make an effort to read widely. Besides reviewing books, I also review films adapted from books (whether I’ve read the book in question or not), feature books on my ever-increasing reading list in my weekly feature, The Literary Horizon, and try to use my Sunday Salon posts to address issues in the book and publishing world that I’ve been contemplating or just talk about the joy of books. As an ace woman, I also hope I can provide an interesting and fresh perspective on romance and sex in literature.

I feel the following posts from this year are representative of my blog as a whole.

  1. Review: The Gaslight Dogs
  2. Review: Friday Night Lights
  3. Review: Mirror Mirror
  4. Page to Screen: The Lord of the Rings Film Trilogy (Extended Editions)
  5. The Sunday Salon: Bookmarks

(We now return to your regularly scheduled posts.)

2 thoughts on “Book Blogger Appreciation Week 2010

  1. Good luck.. I will be watching the BBAW from the sidelines this time around, if at all. I did see some post somewhere about us nominating our own blogs and that just.. as you said.. seems presumptuous.. so yeah.. I’ll skip along my merry way then. =)

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