Challenge: The Lord of the Rings Rewatch

Last month, we finished up the The Lord of the Reads Readalong and bid farewell to that amazing cast of characters and that breathtaking world. We all closed our books, put them back on the shelves (or returned them to the library), and took a deep breath. I felt a little bereft there for a moment, I gotta admit.

And then I started having to restrain myself from renting the films from my school library and watching them all in one go, because it is finals and that would be academic suicide, no matter how I could swing it as an English major. Which is why I decided to organize The Lord of the Rings Rewatch as a nice cap to The Lord of the Rings Readalong.

As I’ve mentioned before, The Lord of the Rings film trilogy was a huge part of my childhood–nerds were teaching themselves Elvish with the same fervor a different generation taught themselves Klingon, the films were wildly popular with everyone, and every teenage girl had a crush on Legolas. (I printed out pictures from the official website and put them in a shoebox under my bed.) In fact, I’d go so far as to say it was an integral part of my childhood, sort of my introduction to the rich history of fantasy after falling in love with The Legend of Zelda. (I distinctly remember, on my first viewing of The Fellowship of the Ring, being quite impressed with Legolas’ resemblance to Link. I still hold out hope that The Legend of Zelda will make a wonderful film some day, but that’s neither here nor there.)

I’ve always threatened to marathon film series before. A friend of mine and I once planned to rewatch all of Star Wars before seeing Revenge of the Sith, but that fell through. The only thing I’ve ever marathoned before was my cousin’s CSI seasons during a Thanksgiving break in middle school, quite honestly. I usually either never have the time, the will, or all the DVDs in one place. But my love for Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings has made a way.

On May 8, I will be watching the entire The Lord of the Rings film trilogy–Extended Editions, of course. (I only own the Extended Editions, so I do not have a choice in the matter. Good one, little me.) That’s twelve hours of The Lord of the Rings–the Extended Edition of The Return of the King is more than four hours long. And it is going to be an event. To quote Stephen Lynch’s “D&D”, “My friends are coming over to my mom’s basement / bringing Funyuns and the Mountain Dew”–although we’re probably going to be eating Thai food and ice cream. It will be a marathon to remember, let me tell you what, if only for the nostalgia factor. I can only hope I have the stamina.

But you don’t have to imitate my marathon to join The Lord of the Rings Rewatch! During the month of May, you just have to enjoy the Jackson films at your own pace, Extended Edition or Theatrical Edition. Blogging about how you watched the films and how they compare to the books is absolutely encouraged, since I’m going to do it. Here are some questions to get you started.

1. Have you ever seen the Jackson films before? If not, what’s kept you?
2. How do you feel about the casting of the film? Does it fit your perception of the characters?
3. Of all the changes made in the films, which one do you like best? Which one bugs you the most?
4. I have to admit, I love Howard Shore’s score to these films. Do you love the music as much as I do?
5. Are there any scenes from the films you thought were in the novel? Are there any scenes you were shocked to find missing in the films?

If you blog about the films, I definitely want to see it! So make sure to share it at the link below.

Let The Lord of the Rings Rewatch begin!

5 thoughts on “Challenge: The Lord of the Rings Rewatch

  1. Ooo, I love the button! I’m in too. Not sure when I’m going to get to it (May is a notoriously bad, bad work month) but the hubby has agreed to join me in the re-watch. Yeah. 🙂

  2. I did a LOTR film marathon with my sister when she was home. May I recommend starting as early as possible, and/or having all your food on hand? We started at ten, which we thought would be plenty early enough, but we forgot about meals.

    • We’re starting at nine, with finger foods for meals. Even then, We’ll still only be done by ten if we count bathroom breaks and DVD switching. It’s going to be an interesting night! But yeah, thanks for the tip.

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