The Sunday Salon: Nontraditional Book Blogs

Book blogs are, basically, all simple variations on a theme–a person (or persons) reads a book, reviews it, and posts that review on the Internet, all in the name of fun, discussion, and sharing our love of books. Sure, we spice things up with fun memes like Teaser Tuesday and The Sunday Salon, but at the basic level, there’s a template.

However, I’ve recently come across book blogs that ditch our base template, and today I’m going to share them with you.

Picture Book Report celebrates books through art. Each day, for three weeks out of each month, a different artist posts an illustration of a book they love. I’m always fascinated by how differently people see books in their mind’s eye. (When we were wee lasses, a dear friend of mine confided that she always saw Remus Lupin dressed like Willy Wonka, which totally floored me. Not that it took much at that age to floor me, to be totally honest.) The artists take the time to explain their process, although some are briefer than others. The art is wonderful, and the subjects are usually fairly nostalgic. The Giver, due to its use of color, gets quite a lot of play, but I think a perfect example of why I like Picture Book Report so much is the third illustration for The Hobbit which depicts elves as less of the classical high fantasy elves and more like the ancient Athenians. It’s a very fresh take on a classic.

Good Show Sir is as equally noble as Picture Book Report, but it’s on the opposite end of the spectrum–it celebrates the worst cover art in science fiction and fantasy. Let’s face it, folks, some of it can be downright awful. Picking through thrift stores has taught me this, at least. It always makes me giggle to see burly men in generic poses on the covers of science fiction, and I roll my eyes at curvaceous beauties wearing chain mail bikinis, which they probably aren’t wearing in the actual book anyway. Good books, of course, are not safe from this phenomena. I cannot stand the original cover for Sabriel, because Sabriel’s hair is wrong and the hems of her sleeves are just silly. (Okay, that example is a little anal retentive, but you get my drift.) I can’t pick a favorite, but getting through the entire archive will only take you a little while.

In other news, I’ve finished The Return of the King and am frantically staving off the desperate need to watch the Peter Jackson films. I’m tentatively scheduling the optional rewatch coda of the readalong for May 8, but we’ll see. I’m still getting through The Yiddish Policemen’s Union, but I ought to be done soon. I’m taking my final exams this week, so wish me luck! I’m still trying to find a job for the summer, but if all else fails, I’ll learn to cook and volunteer at the library… since I’ll be there anyway.

What nontraditional book blogs do you read?

4 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Nontraditional Book Blogs

  1. Not really a book blog but there’s this blog devoted to literary tattoos, which I love. I would never ever ever never get a tattoo (frightened of needles), and I don’t tend to like them on other people, but I’m a sucker for tattooed words. Especially when they look like they’ve been typed on with an oldish slightly crappy typewriter.

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