Booking Through Thursday: Earth Day

It’s Earth Day … what are you reading? Are your reading habits changing for the sake of the environment? What are you doing for the sake of the planet today?

I’m still reading Michael Chabon’s The Yiddish Policemen’s Union, but since I finished The Return of the King yesterday while sitting for a friend’s lighting project, it’ll go a lot quicker now.

As far as “reading green”, the only things I really do are rely on public libraries and read a lot of used books. Not only are these options free and cheap, respectively, but it also keeps new books from being published. But I feel “reading green” is sort of a misnomer–whether you save paper by using a digital reader or purchase used, it’s still very, very easy to recycle books, magazines, and newspapers.

Other things I do to save the environment is to turn off lights when I’m not in the room or there’s plenty of natural light. It’s become such a habit that I turn off the fans when I leave the fitness center on campus as well as the lights. I don’t know if you can consider a laptop green, but since it’s not always plugged in (seeing as that damages your laptop battery!), I feel that’s at least something positive. My school is very committed to recycling and composting, so it’s slowly seeping into my head.

Happy Earth Day, everyone! (And happy Left 4 Dead 2: The Passing release day to everyone who plays–bring me back some Keith stories.)

4 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday: Earth Day

  1. I’ve recycled a few books when they got old and tattered rather than just throwing them away. I recycle my phone books each year as well.

    That’s about as green as I’ve been able to get. I’d love an e-book reader at some point but still think it will never replace the feel of holding an actual book.

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