The Sunday Salon: HTML for Book Bloggers

When I was a wee lass, I taught myself HTML because of Neopets. Neopets is a website where you can have digital pets and play games, and it was huge for me and my friends when I was little. For each pet, you got your very own little web page to play around with. A dear friend of mine and I spent a great deal of time working on ours. She’s only gotten better at HTML as time has passed; I think I’ve forgotten a great deal of what I learned. (Any further attempts to learn any other type of coding have absolutely failed.)

Still, I know enough to be able to code posts by hand whenever WordPress is acting up, and I thought it might be nice to provide a refresher for everyone this morning. WordPress, in HTML mode, does provide a great deal of the basic HTML you need for blogging via buttons you simply need to press before and after words, but I think it’s useful to know the coding yourself.

Let’s start with the basics of simply altering the text. Bold can be accomplished like this.

<b>The Literary Omnivore</b>

This gives us The Literary Omnivore. All simple effects on text follow that exact same code pattern–substituting i for b in that code will give us The Literary Omnivore, for instance. In order to underline, simply substitute b with u to get The Literary Omnivore. If you want to get creative, there’s also strike, which gives us The Literary Omnivore. In order to combine text alteration, just place the second code inside the first.

<i><b>The Literary Omnivore</b></i>

Incidentally, substituting the word strong for b in the above code gives you bold as well–this is a bit newer, but it’s also how WordPress codes bold text. Either will work, and I find my first example easiest.

Next, let’s look at creating text links. Here’s the code.

<a href=””>The Literary Omnivore</a>

This gives us The Literary Omnivore. We just have to tell the code what it’s referring to (I’ve always assumed that’s what href stands for) and what text will constitute the link. It’s fairly straight forward.

Images are similarly very easy to code via HTML.

<img src=””&gt;

That code will just insert an image wherever you’d like, like this: . img src, as you might imagine, means image source, and you just have to insert the URL of the image you’d like to put in. You can also turn images into links by simply placing the img src code within the a href code.

I think those are the basics you’ll need for book blogging–if you have any more questions, I’d be happy to answer them!

In other news, I’m home for the weekend, as it’s my father’s birthday on Monday, and we celebrated last night. I, of course, bought him a book–A Great Improvisation by Stacy Schiff, about Ben Franklin, America, and France. I read Pride and Prejudice this week (to wash out the Eric Van Lustbader, I have to admit), so that review ought to be up this week. I’m currently reading Napoleon’s Pyramids, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised so far! I hope it keeps up. I’m also reading The Return of the King, which is taking all my willpower not to just devour in one go.

Remember, my First Daughter and Last Snow giveaway is running until April 8, so if you’re interested, just comment on this post!

I hope my little HTML refresher has been useful!

10 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: HTML for Book Bloggers

  1. Don’t you have any trouble with html-coding in WordPress every once in a while? I do (not with the bold and italic stuff, mind you), but it might have to do with the template I’m using. It’s mostly the lay-out of images that’s annoying when I want it to do something different than it’s doing LOL.

    Happy Sunday Salon!

    • The layout of the images- where it’s placed, I take it? I know enough to fix whatever problems are thrown my way. The usual problem I have is WordPress ignoring my request for a space between an image and the following paragraph, but that’s fixed by adding

      to the paragraph’s HTML. If it pops up anytime soon, I’d be happy to take a look at it!

  2. What a smart post to make for a Sunday Salon! I know basic HTML like what you’ve stated but when it comes to messing around with my template, I am a babe lost in the woods. I’ve been wondering if I should start learning so that I have more control over the way things look on my blog, but then I remember that I am basically a lazy person.

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