Challenge: The Lord of the Rings Readalong, Part #5

April is one of my favorite months–not only is my birthday not far off, but the Georgia Rennaissance Festival sets up shop. And, of course, this month, I get to finish The Lord of the Rings by reading The Return of the King. My library copy is currently buried under Shakespeare and Beckett, but I cannot wait to start reading it tonight. Maree at Just Add Books is our host this month, so make sure to stop on by if you’re playing at home!

We’re coming to the end of the quest. Where are you in your reading?

This morning felt a little like Christmas–I could finally start on Return of the King! I finished The Two Towers on Sunday evening, and have been practically slobbering in anticipation since.

What are you anticipating most rereading in ROTK?

Éowyn! Good Lord, there are few things more satisfying than Éowyn’s victory over the Witch King. I’m also looking forward to Gondor, as well as the final battle.

How do you feel about the overall series now that we’re getting near the end?

I’ve always been fond of The Lord of the Rings, but I didn’t realize how much I absolutely adored it. This is, of course, the masterpiece that made modern fantasy–it’s no wonder that I love it so much. It makes me want to run out and read The Silmarillion after the readalong, quite frankly.

Have you seen the movies? Have they colored your reading?

I have the extended editions on DVD, actually! At first, they really did, but as we get further into the novel, it’s been getting better. I was a little shocked to discover that Karl Urban is my ultimate Éomer, since Éomer’s amazing first line was, in my head, exactly as done in the film. (Completely off topic–I remember when the casting went out for Star Trek XI and every nerd immediately went “Éomer is Bones!” I know I did.)

Does reading the books make you want to watch the movies, or run screaming in the other direction?

It makes me want to watch them, and then watch them with director’s commentary, and then watch them with cast commentary… I love and adore the films, and this is probably a great time to mention my completely optional rewatch of all the films in May. I will be doing a day-long marathon of the extended editions–bathroom breaks only!–after my exams, but you don’t need to be as hardcore as I am. I’ll talk about this more on Twitter later, but it’s definitely happening.

Happy reading, all!

4 thoughts on “Challenge: The Lord of the Rings Readalong, Part #5

  1. I need to pull my copy off the shelf and get started on this one. I love that you’re so excited about the movies. 🙂

  2. I just read Eowyn’s battle scene today. I love it so much! I’m afraid, though, that the reread is making me crankier about the movies. I think they’re good as movies, but argh! so many changes are frustrating me. I’ll need to wait a while before delving back into them–let Tolkien’s versions of the characters cook in my head for a while 🙂

  3. I just started The Two Towers – I am SO far behind – lol. I agree with you about Eowyn – she’s so well-written!

    And I will definitely be interested in a rewatch of the movies! 🙂

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