Booking Through Thursday: Mark the Spot

What items have you ever used as a bookmark? What is the most unusual item you’ve ever used or seen used?

I tend to use note cards, especially giant note cards, so I can write notes on them and keep them with my book. When I was in middle school and high school, though, I was fond of folding a small Post-It note in half and using that. This, of course, meant that I was constantly losing my tiny improvised bookmarks and constantly remaking them. While I don’t use them myself, I often make origami bookmarks that hang off the corner of the page as gifts. I decorate them like bugs.

Seeing a page dogeared makes me wince. I don’t often pay attention to other readers’ bookmarks, but I’ve seen torn strips of paper used, as well as my preferred note cards.

18 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday: Mark the Spot

  1. Note cards! I used to do that in school, and I am so happy you reminded me. I am constantly struggling to mark and remember things when I read. Post-its aren’t enough, and keeping a notebook open and juggling both can be a pain.

  2. I use anything I can get my hands on when I need it, a receipt, a business card, occasionally an actual bookmark. I’ll admit I do dog-ear pages in non-fiction if I need to remember a specific part for a paper or some such, but never fiction

  3. I’ll admit to being a dog-ear’er when I’m in a rush. I like Post-Its. Sometimes I use boarding passes if I’m on a plane. Others, I’ll use postcards. Anything that I can find around, anyway.

    And, just to make my dog ear’ing sound better, I once knew someone who ripped the corner of the page where she was. Now THAT’S book abuse.

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