Booking Through Thursday: But, What About Me?

What’s your favorite part of Booking Through Thursday? Why do you participate (or not)?

The questions are always interesting. Sometimes they make me look at my reading in a new light, and sometimes they allow me to ramble about topics too small for me to flesh out into a Sunday Salon post, like The Wicked Years. It’s also nice to see how other book bloggers answer the questions–it really helps me get a sense of my fellow book bloggers. Someone usually has an answer I wouldn’t even think of, and it’s a good starting point for discussion.

I participate because I like a good weekly book meme–between the Literary Horizon, Teaser Tuesday, Booking Through Thursday, and The Sunday Salon, I feel I have enough content that I can take my time reading and reviewing books. It’s good fun and good content.

One thought on “Booking Through Thursday: But, What About Me?

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