Booking Through Thursday: Thankful Thursday

What books and authors are you particularly thankful for this year?

This year, I’ve been discovering lots of new authors with the help of both of my local library systems, but I’m especially pleased to discover Robin McKinley and Cherie Priest. While I haven’t had a chance to read their other works besides Sunshine and Boneshaker, I enjoyed both of those so much that I’m greatly looking forward to reading their other works. Sunshine was a wonderful antidote to the toothless, romantic vampires overwhelming pop culture at the moment, and Boneshaker was, I think, the best introduction to Americana steampunk I could have read. My reviews of both are here and here, respectively.

As it’s Thanksgiving here in the US of A, I’m spending the day with family and friends of the family. A review of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay ought to go up tomorrow. Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving, everyone!

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