Sunday Salon: Highly Recommended

As I’ve mentioned in a few reviews, I often get a little fuzzy about exactly where I picked up the recommendation for a certain novel. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s just that I pick up so many recommendations on a weekly basis that it’s hard for me to keep up. (I should probably add a column to the List’s spreadsheet, which throws the rainbow motif off. Such is life!)

Every week, I read The New York Times Sunday Book Review, which usually gives me a few ideas, and Publishers Weekly, which always gives me a few ideas… that I need to wait for. I first ran across Boneshaker in an issue of Publishers Weekly, and it’s usually where I get my material for The Literary Horizon every Tuesday.

I also pick up plenty of recommendations by word of mouth, especially online. I’m a sucker for any good plot, especially fantasy and science fiction, so I often pick up recommendations via io9. This is how The Unwritten came to me. io9 recently wrapped up Book Vortex, a week long celebration of fantasy and science fiction books.

I don’t usually pick up a lot of book recommendations from my friends, as opposed to strange folk on the Internet. I usually fill that role in my social circle. For example, there’s my Neverwhere rule–if you haven’t read Neil Gaiman before, read Neverwhere first so you’re not comparing it unfavorably to his later works. I recently did up a care package for a friend, which contained American Gods and The Lovely Bones. I do occasionally get recommendations, but it’s rare–I’ve usually already read what they want to recommend!

In other news, I’m currently making my through The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, which I’m really enjoying. I do need to finish it quickly, as you can’t renew books requested from another library in DeKalb County, as I’ve learned. It’s due Tuesday. Dead Until Dark, Graceling, and City of Bones are all coming home with me for my short Thanksgiving break. Graceling is probably next, as I’m itching for some young adult. City of Bones ought to be an interesting read, as Cassandra Clare is an ascended fan of sorts–I remember reading her Lord of the Rings fanfiction when I was a wee lass.

Where do you pick up your book recommendations?

9 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Highly Recommended

  1. That’s so interesting that you get recommendations from newspapers and magazines and things! Especially since so many newspapers are complaining that no ne is reading the book sections and that’s why they’re getting rid of them. (But maybe that’s only offline book sections– I assume they’re keeping the online versions.)

    Have you heard of Bookmarks magazine? It’s something I desperately want to subscribe to but it’s horribly expensive and I can’t afford it. But it’s got loads of interesting recommendations and reviews and things.

    I get nearly all my recommendations from book blogs and blogs that aren’t specifically book blogs but they review a book or two occasionally (like BoingBoing). I’ve also gotten one or two recommendations from IRL friends. But I think the majority of my books I find just by random searching on the library shelves.

    • I have heard of Bookmarks– I’ve been meaning to read an issue, as my local Barnes & Noble carries it. You’re right, it is horribly expensive, as is Publishers Weekly. Thank goodness for the online versions!

      Interesting. I love seeing how people find books. I have terrible luck just searching in libraries, so I try and stick to books that are going to interest me right off the bat.

  2. I do get most of my book recs from other bloggers these days, but every now and then I read a newspaper or magazine book review or hear an NPR story that piques my interest in a book. I don’t seem to get lots of recommendations from real-life friends and acquaintances. They mostly seem to just read the really popular books. They do sometimes ask me for recommendations, but I rarely recommend the really popular stuff (I assume they’ve heard about it already), so they end up thinking my tastes are strange because I’m not talking up the new hot book. 🙂

  3. Oh ‘Graceling’ is so brilliant. One of my favorite books of last year. In fact, I talk about its “companion volume” “Fire” in today’s Sunday Salon. I look forward to seeing how you find Cashore’s first book.

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